A More Secure Universally adaptable Light & Energy Distribution System For all Lighting Environments!


Panelens™ has the competitive advantage of distribution of light evenly throughout its body and into a adjacent bodies as well. Panelens™ in this product example, receives light from an optic cable on the left from a remote light source to a cartridge and to the lens panel into another Panelens™ through another cartridge connection and evenly distributes the the same light from the original source.

Panelens™ as the flat light bulb can fit flush into any drywall in home or commercial structures, including public infrastructure roadways, bridges, and sidewalks. Panelensfunctions as a stand alone sign without the need or cost of heavy steel framing supports and yearly maintenance contracts for changing light bulbs of any type.

Panelens™ can be installed permanently without the need of ever opening it up, or it can be kept mobile and connected together with itself in infinite configurations or at any angle, so as to form actual practical 3 dimensional structures that support weight bearing fixtures.

Panelens™ can now be tinted by color and altered in an instant by a switch according to the user's desire. Architectural applications are infinite in both interior and exterior markets.

Panelens™ uses space more productively, promotes health through full spectrum light sources and pipes in actual renewable sunlight rays without the extensive cost of photovoltaic cells and inverters which harness only about 1/3 of the incomming sun rays and waste about 2/3rds.

Panelens™ Light & Energy Distribution Device "LEDD" systems, comes at a time when the World needs, ONE LIGHTING SYSTEM FOR ALL LIGHTING NEEDS!


Panelens™, A new model for industry STANDARDIZATION that can connect  and interface with multiple conventional and renewable energy sources and retrofit existing light fixtures throughout all industries.

Panelens™ offers sustainable conservation of energy and distribution while it substantially reduces night sky effect! Panelens™ works flawlessly connecting above ground and underground construction projects. Transportation corridors already have common electrical connections at intersections and along curb locations to street lights, walkways and directional signals embedded into the pavement.

Panelens™ establishes a bridge between retrofitting existing structures and connecting to new master planned city developments, demonstrating its ability to use conventional and renewable energy sources through one Panelens™.

Panelens™ will become a major player in the sign industry for all industry and business, along all transportation corridors. Due to its cost effective minimal maintenance design abilities, it will ensure years of energy and labor savings. Big trucks will no longer be needed to block intersections with crane arms operating full time by city governments, just to change light bulbs!

Panelens™ establishes itself in the sign industry as a stand alone sign without the additional bulky steel or other metal or wood framework. Panelens™ is thinner, lighter, less costly than conventional technology, it is more versitile, requires less labor, maintenance and does not require yearly contracts for it!

Panelens™ signs will be available in many types, including window signs for business' such as restaurants and retail shops. The display ability of Panelens™ will serve to be a strong player in display units for unrelated product sales locations. These locations will often constitute various environmental conditions, such as refrigerated cases or underwater environments.