A More Secure Universally adaptable Light & Energy Distribution System For all Lighting Environments!

To satisfy one of the many energy needs of the world market Panelens™ solar energy passive collector system, alone can save money on the cost of inverters, solar cells and offer better distribution ratios of actual light without connecting to any grid system, unless desired!

Panelens™ addresses what the lighting industry understands as the next major advance in delivering daylight throughout building structures without skylights, roof leaks, expensive additional building construction expenses, labor & few moving parts. The ability to push light anywhere through any location, building, material or environment has arrived!

One of the most exciting and effective ways that PANELENS™ technology can be applied is within residential buildings, using natural solar power as the source of energy. PANELENS™ technology would work with a solar light collector to amplify and pipe the sunlight throughout the house. The light can be “painted” into any color, piped into any location in the house, including furniture and walls. Characteristics of PANELENS™ residential lighting systems are:

1.  Central source location for incoming and outgoing light, energy, or  information. This includes:

  • Battery storage for solar energy;
  • Invertors for common 12v, 24v, 48v systems requirements, converting 12v to 110v to feed, for example, the electric water heater.
  • Remote light source optics, many amplifiers might be located here or anywhere.
  • Closed loop solar heating can have plumbing circulating fluids between the heat from dish and other types of solar collectors.
  • Information for solar tracking motors to follow sun.
2.  Actual dish collector and cable for electric and passive direct light optics and information control.
Photovoltaic solar cells.
Panelensstandard fixture.
Panelens™ whole walls of light.
Panelens tip out light example.
Panelens™ entry door lighted partition.
Panelenslighted toilet lid for burning bowl with ultraviolet from remote light source to kill bacteria.
9.  Panelens
distribution system can be used to remove bacteria from ventilation and plumbing systems.
10.Panelens exterior sidewalk steps can offer melting snow by heat transference through available models.
can be expanded upon, put most anywhere, as these are only a few of many applications.