A More Secure Universally adaptable Light & Energy Distribution System For all Lighting Environments!

Panelens™ is a more secure universally adaptable light & energy distribution system for all environments, especially space systems design for real living space stations.

Panelens™ establishes a centralized control channel for light energy and other fluids that allow for optimum space saving usage and directional control through filtering of many types and other practical functions maximizing energy efficiency across many systems all in one practical technology application and installation procedure.

Panelens™ can direct the light of the sun through filters that  can pass heat through our revolutionary distribution system collected from solar collectors through any number of sub -distribution systems for Central HVAC regulation as well as providing efficient lighting very effective for any working or recreational facility. Lighting next to computers is cool and offers optimum operating temperatures that allow lighting to be use inside computers for easy observation or repair.

Panelens™ offers interconnectivity of multiple energy systems through one permanent or modular plumbing system that can be made into whole walls, floors or any other type fixture however flat, curved or sculpted.

Direct transmission of light energy & fluids of all kinds makes Panelens™ an excellent gray water recycling system for space stations and any other contained solution tanks or vessels. Panelens™ is not flimsy like films, but could incorporate them if desired, and can also be used with micro scale innovations such as LCD screens and other pixilated devices.

Panelens™ is especially sustainable in space systems due to its universal inter- locking connectivity and its ability to collect un-obstructed solar renewable energy from our sun as well as store energy into battery or fuel cells while distributing light and other fluids within the body of its housing.

Panelens™ has significant structural capability so as to form actual shell structure from its panel space saving design. Panelens™ can be formed into wall, floor or ceiling structures that perform actual work while providing light and other HVAC options as well as serve to provide a unique plumbing structure distributing fluids of all types throughout the entire structure at any level.

Panelens™ is a perfect collection and distribution system for controlled environments in agricultural greenhouse systems for both orbiting space stations and planetary exploration outposts on planet or asteroid bodies for any mission.