A More Secure Universally adaptable Light & Energy Distribution System For all Lighting Environments!

Panelens™ fulfills the need for one light & energy distribution device system to address universal connectivity for all lighting applications.

Panelens™ Light & Energy Distribution Device™"LEDD" system is the way for multiple light and energy sources to connect.

Panelens™ is laying the foundation for a new model of industry standardization that will eventually modernize all existing city building structures, including public infrastructure, transportation corridors, roadways, street signs, street lights, bridge lighting, helipad and airport runways, space and underwater exploration habitats and vehicles.

Panelens™ is the perfect alternative to the world, for a more secure and structurally sound, multitasking cartridge based, light and energy distribution device "LEDD™" system.  Panelens™ can be permanently mounted into any material or remain mobile for alternating locations, due to its self enclosed fixture design strength. Current technology is commonly fragile, damages easily and regularly does only one thing at a time.

Panelens™ can be made into structural three dimensional objects that can support weight or combine at various angels to stand freely, or have other objects or technology connect to it or adapt into its enclosure.

A new era in macro photonic light & energy distribution, generation & storage along with micro photonic nano technology component development using
Panelens™ offering universal connectivity of electric or non electric means..

Panelens™ is a journey into our future...today! We cannot afford to wait any longer. Energy generation, conservation, storage and distribution must evolvePanelens™ incorporates one cartridge based system of design that all energy sources can feed into using a contemporary design ease, while engaging artistic shapes, color & structure of any size. Ask yourself...what else can a light bulb do?

Panelens™ has broad market application rich patented technology which is only the beginning of more advanced power generation systems for large scale deployments. As example: micro optical components and electronic cooling circuit designs, in addition to other nano technology interests.

Panelens™ provides the solution to the lack of standardization and the need for universal connectivity with a multi-tasking pipeline of distribution that will satisfy multiple industries.

Panelens™ works and functions in a plethora of multiple uses, while only taking up one space, one installation. It can be expanded simply with our interconnecting cartridge design expanding the system so as to allow a continuous flow of light, air, fluid and information. Our cartridge system can accept cabling allowing the transmission of signals into television and information screens with a non glare light that is cool (no heat generation), can be mounted or contoured to fit any structural design location in architectural or mechanical engineering projects.